User manual

SLC-WiFi stairlight controller

Connect all plugs as shown.controller1powersetconnectionsSwitch power ON.

Using any wifi enabled device with a browser (computer, phone, tablet) connect to the newly created Access Point “SLC-WiFi”

Use password shown on the controller.


After connect to Access Point “SLC-WiFi”, open a browser to the gateway IP, default


Make any settings here.

Number of leds —– set amount of leds for stairlight mode.

1-Setting —– Party Mode. (Green led indicator on the controller enclosure )

2-Stair —– Stairlight Mode. (Red led indicator on the controller enclosure)

1-Autoplay ——- Autoplay all patterns at loop.

2-No ——– No Autoplay.

Autoplay Duration —— duration of patterns play, also in stairlight mode light delay time.

Color, Red, Green, Blue change color as static color mode.

Cooling: How much does the air cool as it rises?
Less cooling = taller flames. More cooling = shorter flames.

Sparking: What chance (out of 255) is there that a new spark will be lit?
Higher chance = more roaring fire. Lower chance = more flickery fire.

Led Strip

Use led strip WS2812B. Recommend 30 leds/m.

The longer a wire is, the more resistance it has. The more resistance, the more voltage drops along its length. If voltage drops too far, the color of led strip can be affected.

Consider a full 4 meter reel of led strip. With 5V applied at one end of the strip, for those pixels closest to this end, power traverses only a few inches of copper. But at the far end of the strip, power traverses 8 meters of copper — 4 meters out on the +5V line, 4 meters back on the ground line. Those furthest pixels will be tinted brown due to the voltage drop (blue and green LEDs require higher voltage than red).

Led strip don’t care what end they receive power from. Though data moves in only one direction, electricity can go either way. You can connect power at the head, the tail, in the middle, or ideally distribute it to several points. For best color consistency, aim for 1 meter or less distance from any pixel to a power connection.

So if you can not connect power so often, connect the head and the tail with two wires (+red to +red, -white to -white).

Power supply

Power supply can be any with 5 volts output. Must have as minimum 1.5 amps for each 1 meter of led strip.
So, if you need 4 m strip, choose power supply 6 amps 5 volts output. Double check connection polarity, wrong polarity can be fatal for controller and led strip.