For individual home design should pay attention to finishing stairway, because it is an important element, and therefore should look impressive and attractive. Of course, safety and functionality should come first, but the modern design of stairs allows you to combine both security and beauty.
Today is a very fashionable use LED lights on stairs , because it makes any stairway is simply irresistible. In addition, with lighted stairs you can get changing the appearance of the entire room , it becomes more refined , acquires a certain mystique.
With proper use of such spillovers colors illuminated staircase turns into a real holding art design.


The system is fully automatic, as you enter your stairwell the lights will light your path.
Motion-activated “LIGHTDECOR” designed, LED Stair Lights.
When you pass by a motion-sensing light, it automatically turns on the other lights, illuminating your path ahead.
Easy, do-it-yourself installation.
Using any Wi-Fi enabled device with a browser (smart phone, notebook or desk computer), connect to the newly created Access Point (default name SCL-WiFi, password shown on the controller).
After establishing a connection with the SCL-WiFi, you can go to the default IP address to open a web page that allows you to configure your led strip settings and choose different light effects.


Ability to adjust these settings via wi-fi:
number of leds (for stair light mode)
party mode on/off
autoplay on/off
autoplay duration (delay time for stair light)
auto palette cycling
palette duration
solid color
effects twinkle speed/density
effects fire cooling/sparking

List of patterns.

“Color Waves”
“Rainbow Twinkles”
“Snow Twinkles”
“Cloud Twinkles”
“Incandescent Twinkles”
“Retro C9 Twinkles”
“Red & White Twinkles”
“Blue & White Twinkles”
“Red, Green & White Twinkles”
“Fairy Light Twinkles”
“Snow 2 Twinkles”
“Holly Twinkles”
“Ice Twinkles”
“Party Twinkles”
“Forest Twinkles”
“Lava Twinkles”
“Fire Twinkles”
“Cloud 2 Twinkles”
“Ocean Twinkles”
“Rainbow With Glitter”
“Solid Rainbow”
“Solid Color”

Palette list
“Rainbow Stripe”

Plus the system is also saving energy and money with lighting set to come on only when needed and turn off automatically if the stairway is left empty. Also can use as “Party” mode ( birthday, christmas, etc.), lights playing in different scenes.
Comfortable, modern and very beautiful.
“You will love the lighting on the stairs!”

 Model SLC – WiFi